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Origin of rough diamonds, ethics and transparency: the priorities of our house

History of the business

"Maison Vernain SA was founded by our grand-father Honoré in 1900 and entered in the commercial register in Geneva in 1903. Our grandfather, who was destined for a career as a notary public clerk but was not attracted to the work, decided to learn the trade of diamond-cutter in a diamond-cutting workshop in Gex La Ville in the Ain region in neighbouring France. He then founded his own business in 1900 near the station in Geneva in the district of Montbrillant, so called not because you...

The profession of diamond dealer

Maison Vernain SA mainly deals with jeweller's shops, watch factories, jeweller's workshops and gem-setters. From investing in diamonds to buying single stones for jewellery, Maison Vernain will offer you a complete bespoke service. Our work consists of choosing and buying the finest gems from diamond-cutting factories around the world. We then sort, grade, certify and assemble them in order to supply the needs of our clients within the shortest possible time, generally within 1 to 2 hours. Our business is specialised in diamond dealership and we will ensure to propose the best stone...

How to choose your diamond

The "carat" is a unit of mass used for gemstones. The word "carat" comes from the Arab word Kharoub, as the Carob tree (and specifically carob seeds) was used as a benchmark in terms of weight.

Former diamond dealers still call a 1-carat diamant a "four-grain diamond", i.e. it weighs the equivalent of 4 carob seeds.

In 1907, the metric carat was established as being equal to 200 mg or 5 carats = 1 gram.

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